Interlude Server with maximum futures:

LameGuard - is the unique and the only universal antibot protection for Lineage II Java servers currently available.

The developement has begun in January 2008 and was released in August 2008. During its existence it has been installed on many game projects, with online from several hundred to several thousand. Updates are released every month and the basic price was never changed. Buying this product you're getting guarantee of success of your project.

Warning!!! There are no other websites, contacts or whatsoever which will offer you this product officialy. Beware of offers of sales from any other sources - it's fraud!


Please avoid small talks while contacting for support or purchasing. Write your questions even if contacts are offline, or use mail

News and promotions

Current state of LameGuard development is set on hold, due both to change of interests of developer and low activity in sector of Lineage II private servers. You can still purchase current version by contacts listed on this site.


The protection is designed to prevent the activity of all known IG/OOG game client emulators (L2Walker, L2.NET bots etc), packet emulators (L2PacketHack etc) without any loss of performance of the game client and server.

Protection structure and components

System consists in two modules: client-sided and server-sided.

Client module fits the listed Lineage II clients:

  • Interlude
  • Gracia Part II
  • Gracia Final
  • Gracia Epilogue
  • Freya
  • High Five
  • Goddess of Destruction

Client-side module doesn't affect the game client performance, your players won't need any additional software to launch the client.

Server module is easily injecting in any open-source Java-servers (L2J, L2JFree, L2Open) and most of closed-source servers. It supports any OS (Windows or Linux) you're using to run the game server.


Q. Will it be possible to log in the game without client module?
A. No. Server module will not allow the client to connect without client module installed.

Q. Will it be possible to log in using the game client from another server which is using this procetion system?
A. No. Both client and server modules are unique on every particular project which is using ths protection system.

Q. What will happen if the player is using illegal software to access the protected server?
A. Client module will prevent the launch of the game client if it will find any prohibited activity. In case of using some IG bots game server log will be notified about this with client address. Then the server module will disconnect that game client.

Distribution policy

Before installing, we will need to analyze the compatibility of your game server/client with the protection. Sometimes you will need to provide some of game server files and the game client patch.
After the analyzing you will receive unique game-server protection for your particular server. The protection works only for one specified login-server. The quantity of game servers on that login-server isn't limited.


Also, you additionally receive:

  • game clients quantity-control launched from the same hardware (not the IP address!)
  • an ability to ban the hardware
  • basic anti-'clickers' protection
  • launching the game client from your updater-software limitation


Loginserver IP-bound protection package: 200 USD + 6 month support + one free binding change
Loginserver Domain-bound protection package: 300 USD + 6 month support

Current stable update: 20 USD + 6 month support

Changing protection owner: 20 USD
Recovery of lost protection files: 20 USD

Service and support

Support period includes:

  • Free reinstallation server-sided module because of server change or in case of software/hardware conflict
  • Free critical fixes
  • Loginserver binding change (IP or domain) - 100 USD
  • Game client version change - 70 USD
  • Game server/client function extention - by arrangement

We accept WMZ/WMR payment system WebMoney and MoneyBookers transfers.
Ordering the installation of the protection for a few game servers may reduce the cost, by arrangement, depending on the type of server builds and versions.


Any additional info is provided by this contacts:

ICQ: 348778607